Come, Visit The Philippines

For the past months, there appears to be a lot of pessimism about the Philippines. From issues of terrorism, destabilization, fake news, scamming, extra-judicial killings and the like are often things associated with the Philippines nowadays. And as a citizen, I feel that we should use our reach to lift up our nation by promoting the things that we love and we are proud of. It is time to get an optimistic sound out there and give an impulse to tourism in the Philippines. Despite the DOT changing (AGAIN) our tourism slogan, let us continue showing the world that indeed, it is more fun in the Philippines.

The primary reason i opted to backpack around the Philippines first before exploring other countries is for me to learn more about and show my love for MY country. Having been to 76 of its 81 provinces, I could proudly say that our homeland has indeed a lot to offer.

So when I started traveling to other countries, whenever I meet a foreigner who would ask about my country, I have loads of stories to say.
Before leaving for my Europe trip, I had some of my favorite photographs printed in a mini postcard form. I gave it as a token of appreciation to the people I have met during my Europe travel, and yes, it was also my way of showing these people that the Philippines is worthy of a visit.

Beaches, dive spots, diverse landscapes, remarkable landmarks, interesting and palatine-satiating food find, and hospitable people – where else can you find them but among the 7, 641 island of the Philippines!

Take it easy ebriwan.

Special shout out to every Filipino who tirelessly promotes, and takes pride of #ThePhilippines #LovePhilippines #ExperienceThePhilippines


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