Responsibility, NOT secrecy.


Having been to various beautiful places prompted me to have a collection of photographs. I am an active Facebook and Instagram user to which I find these social media great avenue to showcase the beauty of the places I have been to. There are instances wherein I forget to indicate the location of the place. However, whenever someone asks me where it was, I almost always answer back.

I post my photographs to primarily make people appreciate what our country offers. I post photographs to inspire and to encourage other people to travel, and to experience what our country offers. I post photographs to make people realize that there is so much to see around us. Making people appreciate what the Philippines offers, inspiring and encouraging them to travel is NOT a way of allowing these places to be exploited. Although we cannot deny the fact that a growing number of people – tourists or travelers – are perceived to be abusive and irresponsible, we shouldn’t shun people from information they are politely asking. I am not saying we spoon feed them whenever they ask questions about a place, but let us be polite and respectful enough to answer them back.

Instead of assuming that other people are irresponsible tourists, inspire them to become responsible tourists. Do you think depriving these people of information about a certain place would help promote responsible tourism? Hell NO! Moreover, keeping a place to yourself and its whereabouts is plain SELFISH. Or maybe BOASTFUL, wanting to show everyone that you are the only person who has reached such place.


On several occasions, I have personally experienced such. I politely ask where the place is, and some of these people would say it is a secret place. I really don’t get why they have to keep it to themselves. They don’t even own the place. Some of these people even know me personally. It is a shame if at this point, their reason for not telling me where that place is a perception that I am an irresponsible travel-enthusiast.

Again, instead of barring people of basic information about a certain place, why don’t we become more vigilant in instilling people’s mind the importance of being responsible travelers, responsible mountaineers and the like?

What are your thoughts about these?

Be responsible wanderlust!


2 thoughts on “Responsibility, NOT secrecy.

  1. Hi Mulong!

    I agree with you. I bring my students, parents and faculty around the Philippines. We visited Cebu, Davao, Naga, CDO. I wanted them to practice this: When they plan their vacation, they would research on the place, so that, once there, the experience is a deeper appreciation of the place — not just a “shallow” tourism where they take pictures and then they go!

    So, to many of us, who are into photography, travel (I get to explore places because of our various missions as Jesuits), it is our responsibility to say something about the area we visit, so that others, may benefit from what we know. They might see something that we haven’t seen, but what we have contributed to them, allowed them to discover more.

    Thank you for this blog. I will follow you.

    Jboy SJ

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