Random Thoughts

Random Insights This Day:

I didn’t go to work today as I am utilizing my remaining annual leaves before I end my work as MIMS editor in 2 weeks time. And so what kept me sane the entire day?

I watched 2 movies online. I watched Eat, Pray, Love for the 2nd time and it made me want to do another “Eat-Pray-Love” journey somewhere. I am still crazy over the scene where Julia Roberts was being taught on how to enunciate my favorite Italian word – “Attraversiamo” (which means lets cross over). The thought of which kept me lingering all day about the shittiest times in my life, when I was losing myself in the process of taking in the tides of pain that were coming in. And how I should learn crossing over to the other side and make myself whole again.

Then, I watched Crazy Stupid Love… I am glad I watched this witty, comedic and heart-warming movie. I was head over heels watching Emma Stone and Analeigh Tipton.

Later on this day, I wanted to check on my BPI account online. I was so pissed with myself that I couldnt remember my User ID and PW (to think that I just made the online account 3 days ago). I am feeling agitated that these episodes of losing my short-term memory is becoming more frequent. I guess I have to start documenting everything that I do. It’ actually depressing. (As of this writing, I still cant remember).

I went over some news to see if there is/are anything worthy to feed my hungry and angry brain (same old shits like corrupt politicians, traffic problems, some AlDub fantards and their shitty attitude, and a new jejemon sounding character Ive read in twitter named Ms. Pastillas). I also wrote a new blog both in my wordpress and travbuddy accounts. I went to satiate myself with Wendy’s fries and iced tea (which made me think I have developed an addiction towards their potatoes and tea).

Lastly, I gave myself a tap on the shoulder for not missing Instagram. I guess its a good sign. Yehey! Gumagaling na akong mag-let go! hahaha.

Take it easy ebriwan.


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