“Last Night, I’ve Cried The Best”

made me miss Baguio and some people I really care for.

the hut owner blog

photo credit: ph images yahoo.com
it’s raining again
the sounds would put me to sleep
but i try not to close my eyes
to visit the scene i won’t revise
there, it rained and rained
’till i dropped on my bed
longing for the tight embrace
 kisses of your lips to chase
and in your nocturnal absence
dreams are the places i often go
where the clouds touch my skin
hoping it’s your caress
but i always find myself 
playing with the rains on my bed
and waking up with a face so wet
touching me, it was your face i’ve met
and so, last night,  i’ve cried the best
and the cries were all for you
touching you in that dream,
rains have flowed down to the stream..


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