Ant-Man in a Nutshell

The last time I did appreciate a Marvel Superhero movie was a Spiderman film starring Tobey Maguire.

Not being a marvel superhero fan, I am quite difficult to please and be satisfied.

Enter, the Ant-Man. So how do I find it?


One thing, Ant-Man is lot more charming than any of the Avengers character!

Well, it maybe a generic and standard Marvel superhero movie, BUT, the film is amusing, smart, charming, and of course, action packed. I had a good laugh because of the witty comedic lines thrown by some of the characters; and it did melt my heart particularly in those melodrama father-daughter scenes.

Twas worth my money and time and indeed a big fun from a small hero. Ant-Man is fANTastic! ‪#‎JustMyTwoCents‬


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