My Quick Thoughts: Minions (movie)

I have been excited from the time I saw its trailer. And so I watched the much awaited movie of these gibberish-speaking shenanigans – The Minions. And I was entertained for a few moments, then I find myself getting bored.


I find the movie stressed in sustaining a constant gags-to-giggles ratio. Whenever I watch a cartoon, or an animation film – I would usually look for its heart and soul. It should be touching to both a child and adult, and not just entertaining. Unfortunately, I did not find it moving in any way.

Yes, the Minions are adorable. and yes, the movie was vivid and generally entertaining. And that’s it. Just like eating an entire McDonald’s happy meal, at the end, you may be full – but hardly satisfied. (Anyhow, Bob is ultra adorable…)

But then again, it is still better than that horrendous Jurrasic World movie. Hahaha. Just my two cents. Take it easy ebriwan.


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