the HAPPINESS factor

I love how happiness is elucidated in this write-up.


Kevin Hotter

“Yellow Gold” (Southern California)

Life is a journey that begins and ends in a relatively short period of time. And, in between those two events, most people are in the constant pursuit of…Happiness.

Does anyone really know what happiness means? Philosophers, spiritual leaders, and therapists have been defining, and giving advice on, happiness for thousands of years. But have they helped all of us figure it out? Because it seems to me that despite all of the wisdom being bestowed upon us, so many people still cannot find happiness.

And when these people do find happiness, it is fleeting. Here in an instant. Gone in a flash.

Is that how it’s supposed to be? Maybe. I don’t know. A constant shift between happiness and other emotions may just be the human condition. To appreciate happiness, maybe we must lose it sometimes. Otherwise happiness would simply translate to a state of just –…

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