now this is a “soul”ful read.

the hut owner blog

i flew in the middle of space between  land and moon
i saw the forest, its rivers, canals, and sand dunes
but i wanted to fly further near the planet Neptune
i wondered if i could find lives living there in cocoons
as i wandered in awe and basked at its vastness
i saw man’s images but one in my likeness
i flew near to get a glimpse of one i have resemblance
he stared, my heart trembled, a seismic disturbance
“it has been several summers since
me, your soul, has been wandering
and in this space  i’m still floating
asking, did i overshoot heaven?”


i was speechless and gone tongue-tied
my thought was talking, i was a misguide
my heart was sinking, the words did hide
returning to earth my mind did decide


“i can’t find Heaven and i’m tired
maybe i just rest in…

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