My Personal Thoughts: The Break-Up Playlist

A friend of mine randomly asked me if I have watched The Break-Up Playlist (the recent movie of Piolo and Sarah) and asked how the movie was.

The unfortunate event that happened to me a few nights ago prompted me to do things that will pre-occupy my thought with something else. And so I went to the moviehouse to initially forget my hard drive’s haunting memories. Since I was never a fan of Terminator, I opted to watch the Piolo – Sarah film.


I won’t be narrating the summary of the movie here but I will share my personal and honest thoughts about the movie (as per my friend’s request). I think the movie is different from most Star Cinema romantic movies we’ve seen (note, it isn’t actually a romantic-comedy film, just romantic). And when I say different, I mean different in a good way.

The movie is brave and sincere. Yes there are “kilig” moments in the movie (the tried and tested formula of a Star Cinema movie to make movie-goers swoon over the main protagonists) but what stood out in the movie are those relationships realities unnerved into our face that we usually reject or even run away from.

quotes TBUP

The movie isn’t just about the playlist (or songs) of their lives. The movie is about how one re-validates past relationships, reflect on differences we have with our loved ones and how we compensate whenever we are confronted to disagree. Moreover, The Break-Up Playlist is a story of acceptance, forgiveness (not only to those who have hurt us, but most importantly – to ourselves) and moving forward despite the difficulty of doing so.

quotes TBUP1

So do me a favor… before you say this seems not a good movie to watch or say that Piolo and Sarah (who by the way showcased a different and stellar performance in this movie) do not have chemistry — go and watch it yourself. This is way more worthy of one’s time than that crappy Jurrasic World movie I’ve watched a week before.

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