Recover Like A Starfish

I have been really, really sad the past 3 days after the many material losses I have experienced. I was to a certain point inconsolable. The loss I have experienced had me thinking of all my past losses – from the time I almost lost myself when someone broke my heart 5 years ago to the loss of a loved one 4 years ago, and unto that time when I lost my passion for teaching a year ago. All losses made me feel pained and devastated. Made me ask myself, am I still hurting from that loss 5 years ago? 4 years ago? A year ago?


A very timely tweet from a friend reminded me of the STARFISH and its quality. For those of you who aren’t aware – starfishes have the ability to amputate their own limbs to escape from their predators and later on, regenerate those amputated limbs. In short, a starfish can mend or heal itself.

This made me thinking a lot. And how as a person regenerates himself and grow back ‘limbs’ lost with the unfortunate foregoing of a prized material possession or a loved one. Recovering or healing may take time. One thing is for sure, the pain is no longer as hurting as the time I first felt it.Thanks to my family and friends, I am being focused to regenerate my strength and grow back my sense of hope. And maybe sooner or later, despite being shattered many times,I will be whole again.


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