On Same-sex Marriage and Marriage itself

The only valid opinions I so far give quadruple thumbs up! Very insightful!


Please read this with open mind…and do not come up with a conclusion till after the last line.

On Same-sex Marriage
and Marriage itself
by Apolinario Villalobos

In the Philippines, the issue on same- sex marriage remains very sensitive, fragile, delicate, volatile, brittle, etc. The first time I heard about this kind of marriage, I immediately made a conclusion that “marriage” per se, be it done in churches, city hall, or basketball court, should not be applied to a homosexual relationship because such ceremony understandably involves the “father- to- be” and the “mother- to- be”, which has a biological implication. To put forward “adoption” of a child as a reason to substantiate the matrimonial ceremony for gay couples is flimsy. A gay couple can live together as they please and adopt a child, anyway, and without a binding document, so that any of them who first develop the feeling of…

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